My Undying Love Of Black Women
Written by Joe Davis   
Sunday, 24 July 2016 12:10


My Undying Love For Black Women actually started in middle school when I noticed so many pretty young Black girls when I was in class, hallway, and the lunchroom.

And after seeing that in middle school everyday, it made me realize that the beauty of the Black woman is second to none in the world and that they are the most beautiful women in the world.

I remember going home one day and saying to myself that the Black woman is custom made for Black men like me and I also made the conscientious decision to only date and marry Black women.

I also remember the times when I was a kid in which my mother and grandmother had struggled to provide, put good food in our mouths, and other struggles that they had gone through when I was a child and that alone played a major role in my decision to only date and marry a Black woman.



Black Women are The Mothers of Civilization, The Ultimate Standard Of Beauty, The Best Lovers, Romantic Partners, Companion, and The Best Compatible Partner For Black Men.

We Black men always feel the real love, romance, and passion from Black women because they give Black men the best of all 3 of those things better than other groups of women.

Y'all beautiful melanated skin right next to ours makes the perfect combination that creates beautiful melanated babies.

Whenever I talk to Black women, I always feel very comfortable because they do their very best to make sure that I am at ease mentally.

They have the style, charisma, beauty, attractiveness, moves, way they dance, way they talk, strength, energy, romance, passion, and the love that is superior to other groups of females.

One of the most amazing things that I like about Black women is their deep understanding of things in society. They can understand music, stereotypes, relationships, marriages, etc. better than any other group of women.

Another thing that I love about Black women is their beautiful melanated skin and the fact that when they get into their 40s, 50s, and even 60s, they still look like they're in their 20s because their melanated skin greatly slows down their aging.

They even know when Black men declare their love excusively for them and put them on a pedestal, they will get bashed by other groups of women and they will push this "All women are beautiful" myth to nullify the fact that Black women are the ultimate standard of beauty and that I used to buy into that "All women are beautiful" myth until I became spiritually awakened and realized that myth isn't even true by a long shot.

Conclusion - The Black Woman is and will ALWAYS be The Original Woman and I will always be one of their biggest fans.



About the author:  Joe Davis is a talented 30 year old African-American author who lives in the U.S., more specifically in Montgomery, Al. He likes to exercise, listen to music, read, research, watch educational videos, spend time with his family and write articles of substance.  The article above was originally posted on  The author can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .