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Written by Dr. Arthur Lewin PhD   
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 14:07


Black Faces In White Places is far more than a "how-to succeed in the corporate world" manual for African Americans. It not only explains in great and meaningful detail how to play the game, but how to get downright creative with the game, for your own tremendous benefit. Also, Drs. Randall Pinkett and Jeffrey Robinson provide a brilliant analysis of networking. You may think you know what networks are, and how they work, but after reading Black Faces In White Places, you will see that you do not. If for no other reason, read this book to maximize your professional and personal linkages for mutual benefit to you and your associates.

Many of us torment themselves with the nagging query, "Should my endeavors primarily benefit myself or my community?" Put another way, "Do those of us who have made it, owe a debt to those of us who have not?" The authors, in stunning fashion, reveal this to be an utterly false dichotomy. One can, and should, do both simultaneously. Instead of continuing to debate with yourself what appears a terrible quandary, read this book and see not only how you can help others as you help yourself, but how helping others actually helps yourself.

Another gem of wisdom contained in Black Faces In White Places is the absolute need to "step outside your comfort zone." We must, each of us, step out of the normal, comfortable routines and circles which we find ourselves in, and open up to new people and new challenges, not just for the sake of our financial well-being, but for our emotional and psychological health as well.

In short, Pinkett and Robinson are two highly educated, very successful, very well adjusted, young men much admired within, and without, our community. Reading their step-by-step recounting of how they got to where they are today, by working in concert with, and for the good of, others, reminded me very much of The Pact, the biography of the three doctors (Sampson Davis, George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt) who together made it from the streets of Newark to the top of the medical profession. And like the three doctors, Pinkett and Robinson have continued to open up broad vistas, as well as individual doors, for a host of others. Black Faces in White Places is their latest attempt to share their knowledge, experience and vision with us all.

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About the author:  Dr.  Arthur Lewin was born in Harlem and his parents hail from Jamaica and Cuba.  He is an avid reader since his childhood.  The former mayor William P.  Neary appointed Dr.  Lewin to serve as a Trustee for the East Brunswick Public Library Board.  Dr.  Lewin lives in New York with his family.  He holds a doctorate in Sociology from The Graduate School of the City University of New York. His research has included topics in Jamaican political history, charismatic leadership in African America, Africa and the Caribbean and the class structure in Black America.  He is currently chronicling the origins and development of Black Studies departments on campuses across the country.  He is the author of the popular book, Africa Is Not A Country: It's A Continent. Dr. Lewin is also a contributor of www.thyblackman.com. You can visit him at his official website:  http://www.readlikeyourlifedependsonit.com and/or contact him at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it