The WEB MAGAZINE, Mega Diversities/Méga Diversité was founded in January 2010 by Editress-in-Chief, Patricia Turnier, LL,M (Master's Degree in Law).  The trilingual Website (English/French/Spanish) focuses on people from diverse backgrounds and professions who are working in various domains.  The Web Magazine, Mega Diversities is read by Cybernauts living on the five continents of the global village.  Their ages range from 13-years-old to seniors.  Our Website aims to dismantle cultural and other barriers.  We want to build bridges.  In this respect, our Web Magazine seeks to eliminate borders between people.  Our ongoing portraits of famous people who are making a difference in the lives of others are one way of effecting that.

Our Website espouses and offers an inclusive vision, essentially a worldview.  We  believe human beings are not unidimensional but multidimensional, therefore, the personalities we interview – engaged in different domains, including Political, Legal, Health, Education, Sociological, Arts, Business, etc – as well as the issues we address, will be illuminated in all their complexity.

The Website Mega Diversities invites the world to celebrate difference.  Our Cybernauts will discover diverse talents (established and new) coming from different spheres and origins.  Many among them will reveal the secrets of their success and strategies applied to overcome hurdles.  The hope being that their stories will inspire others who wish to follow in their footsteps.  In this respect, we will present interviews of positive personalities (who will be in most cases philanthropists) coming from different milieux, for example:

  • Politics (the former American president Jimmy Carter, etc.)
  • Health (Dr.  Ben Carson, etc.)
  • Education
  • Arts (the singer/songwriter Dan Hill, etc.)

 The goals and mandates of Mega Diversities:

  • Inform the readership of different domains (political, literary, cinematic, musical, etc.)
  • Lay the foundation whereby our readers can reflect on issues of social import, particularly in relation to stereotypes and intolerance of what is perceived as different
  • Fight against those stereotypes and intolerance
  • Promote pluralism
  • Encourage the pursuit of education by involving our Cybernauts in our periodic reading contests by having them submit a critique (of one of our upcoming top 20 books) to the Editress.  Not only will the winning submission be published on Mega Diversities, he/she will also receive a book as a prize.

To sum up, the Web Magazine Mega Diversities is a different medium which aims to make a contribution in bringing about positive change in the way cultures interact; the objective being to foster a culture of equality and mutual respect. The readership will discover the excellent work of talented people coming from diverse origins and different domains.  Readers will not only gain new insights into the lives of our interviewees, but also learn about interesting people who embrace pluralism.  Mega Diversities was created for people who embrace diversity and have openness to the world.

To conclude, the following quote by the famous Maya Angelou, Oprah’s mentor (who received the highest civilian honor from Mr.  President Obama, the Presidential Medal of Freedom):  « We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike » is in keeping with the ideology of Mega Diversities.


 This page was last modified on winter 2012