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Written by Patricia Turnier   
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 16:17

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r. Thomas Panakal was born in India. He studied Economics, Political Science and World History in his homeland.  He received his Ph.D from the School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies at the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam (in the state of Kerala, India). Dr. Panakal immigrated to Canada. He completed his post-graduate studies in Canada and the U.S.A. in Political Science, International Relations and Education. He also studied Anthropology. In other words, Dr. Thomas Panakal is a multidisciplinarian. He taught World History and English for many years in Montreal (Canada). Dr. Panakal received a Gold Medal from the Rotary International for the best essay on the United Nations Organization, and he is the recipient of the largest number of prizes in the graduating class at college, Kerala University. He has written several books and more than 300 articles published in The Journal of Gandhian Studies (New Delhi), Canadian-India Times (Ottawa), Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, Canada), Femina and Youth Times (Mumbai), Alive (New Delhi), Guardian (Trinidad, West Indies) and others. Dr. Thomas Panakal has served as a visiting member of the Faculty of Mary Mata College in India and has conducted classes and seminars at Mahatma Gandhi University attended by students from outside India. The historian has been interviewed on many occasions on radio and television stations in Montreal such as CJNT (Indo-Montreal Magazine programme). Presently, Dr. Panakal works on the editorial board of Bharat Times (an Indian newspaper from Montreal). It is important to note that he is a regular columnist for this publication. In 2009, Dr. Panakal received an award (for his articles) from Bharat Times.

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Dr. Panakal is an expert on subjects related to India's heritage and its link to the present. The historian is an ardent believer in the powerful Gandhian non-violent ideology and the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. Panakal has given speeches on Gandhian ideology at Concordia University (Montreal), in Germany, Switzerland, the United States and the West Indies. The historian is partially handicapped after a serious car accident in New York; he suffers from a neurological condition called syringomyelia which affects nerves. Dr. Panakal has 1.5 use of his hands. However, his condition hasn't prevented him from being involved in the community and sharing his knowledge with other people.


Comments on the book India – Eternal Light: Heritage for Modern Age.

"This is an interesting and good book." Professor James T. Crown –Retd- New York University, New York, N.Y.

"A beautiful book on India" Dawn T. Watson, Canadian songwriter and entertainer

"Dr. Panakal's book is informative and touching. It is a beautifully written book with great insight –especially the chapter recognizing the place of women in society. " Mrs. A. Day, housewife, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"The author deserves credit for his work and interest for writing this thought provoking book." Dr. S. Gill, Indo-Canadian poet and writer, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

"A marvelous book with an inspiring collection of thoughts. I enjoyed "India, Eternal Light (Heritage for Modern Age)" by Dr. Thomas Panakal, the first time I read it. I became thoroughly absorbed in it the second time I read it. The book has three dimensions: length, width, and its content has depth. Every page of the book is worth its price. This book is better than 10 documentary specials on television." Stan Schwartz, School of Extended Learning, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada



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PANAKAL, Dr. Thomas. Ananta Bhoomi-Terra Eterna : A Study of Human Development in Nationalism War and Peace, A Universal Point of View and Relevant Data, To be published soon.

PANAKAL, Dr. Thomas. Over 400 articles in magazines and dailies on the issues of peace and harmony published in Canada, India, Trinidad (West Indies) and the United States.



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